Tiger - Fire

Spirit of the animals Oracle card by Judy Bergsma

Tiger also represents strength, will, stills, invisibility, passion, sexuality, Yin- yang, balance, fluid movement, fiery devotion, solitary ambition, fierce , and determined

if you have a tiger as a totem know that you are accompanied by a fierce Guardian. Solitary lords of the jungle. Tigers are symbols for royalty, dominance and passion. They are born helpless and blind and later develop heightened senses and inner sight to survive. Taylor people are naturally clairvoyant.

They are aware of many unseen things and can sense the extraordinary opportunities around them. When you meet a tiger person expect them to stare through you to your deepest soul. Tiger people need time alone to regenerate their tremendous energy.

If tigers you told him you need a lot of solitude. You are afraid of nothing and your determination is astounding. You are a famous lover and your passions are intense. Do not exhaust yourself sprinting through life. It may be better for you to stalk your dreams steadily to conserve your power. Tiger medicine helps you balance your dark and light strips you were Young and yang, your time in the world and your time alone, your fierceness and gentleness and your aggression and peace. Colophon tiger to teach you to move tirelessly in steadily through life. Adventure, beauty, grace, passion and power are natural to the one who has tiger as a totem.


are you tired from rushing around? Rest.

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