Spirit animal oracle card

Bison-Abundance,The White Buffalo-

Also represents indomitable spirit, endurance, survival, strength, abundance, fertility, prosperity, and prayer.

The north American bison, often called Buffalo, was the ruler of the American planes. Bison represented the abundant life, the world to survive and the ability to adapt. Native Americans relied on them for the blessings of ample food, shelter and warmth. They considered all bison sacred. If bison comes to you, it signifies that you are walking in harmony with mother earths. colophon Buffalo for guidance and you will feel a great force rising within you. You can align with a surge from nature that will empower you. The white buffalo was most sacred of all. She brought the peace pipe and visible prayer to the people. If you are a basin person you will feel called to connect to the great spirit in prayer. From this deeper place all blessings and gifts Will flow. Bison invites you to discover your own secret way, create your own ceremonies, and write your own prayers. The great mystery is right beside you, just open the door and walked through, White Buffalo is waiting.


have you forgotten to be thankful for all of your blessings?

have you lost connection to earth?

have you forgotten how to pray and connect to the great spirit?

be grateful. Return to prayer.

Spirit of the animals Oracle by Jody Bergsma

Spirit animal oracle card for today !


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