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Updated: Sep 13

grizzly bear also represents power, fearless, strength, perseverance, commanding, intuition, introspection, dreamtime, nurturing, protective, recluse in water.

The grizzly bear is tremendous totem for strength and wisdom. A person with this totem is an old soul with many lessons already learned. Awakened intuition and introspection combined with prime model power in grizzly people. In winter, bears hibernate and births they’re young while sleeping and dreaming. One of the most dedicated mothers in the wild, grizzly shows fears protection and tenderness towards her young. Grizzly bears emerge in spring with new wisdom and from dreamtime, which gives the grizzly person a strong link to spirit. They often are the chosen totem of shamans.

Another obvious lesson from grizzly is there a need for time alone. Their mastery reach his full potential only after many lives dedicated to inner journey. At that time the soul burst into the light and becomes a blessing to all who are fortunate enough to know and be loved by these increadable beings.

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