Chakra wisdom 1st Base chakra

1st, The Base Chakra - Mualdhara

  • Location: base of the spinal column.

  • Color : Red

  • Represented by: A lotus flower of four petals

  • Spins clockwise and connects to the physical and Auric bodies.

  • Regulates: teeth, nails, hips, knees, feet, skeleton, rectum, spine, blood, adrenal glands, lower back/coccyx.

  • Associated to; self-sufficiency, responsibility for self, physical stability, security, basic physical needs.

Personal growth: Our connection with mother earth; basic survival instincts.

Our Root Chakra is exactly that, it roots us to ours daily lives, our ancestry, our identity.

Thanks to this chakra we are born, we have careers, we love, we breathe, we make love, we manifest the things that we desire, we heal, in short we exist and can gain growth and knowledge.

The base chakra helps us with our independence, when this chakra is in balance we are secure in our place in the world and In ourselves.

When in balance we don’t ask - why is this happening to me? We tend to ask why did this happen for me?

when in balance we have faith that our needs will be met.

We have patients with ourselves and do what is needed for our personal growth.

We create a secure and solid foundation for us to keep building upon.

We believe in our ability to provide basic survival needs wholeheartedly!


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